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DMI provides a ready made “Drilling Department”. The DMI Team is all about:

  • People that have worked together as team for many years, some in excess of 10 years together
  • People with the “know how” and desire to achieve top quartile performance
  • People that understand risk management and know how to take prudent, mitigated risks
  • People focused on making decisions to reach the objectives
  • People that know how to design and build within the framework of efficient processes
  • People that intelligently understand and rely on each other to obtain unsurpassed results

DMI’s goal is to achieve time and costs less than 70% of the norm for the area of operation - a goal that we have met in all of our long term projects.

DMI is focused on providing the highest performance relative to the operating area - second best is not good enough.

DMI prides itself in assembling and keeping high performing teams of experienced professionals who know how to work together and how to get things done.

By working together with the long term in mind we build a collective knowledge that surpasses our competitors.

Our team has been built with proven performers, personally vetted and selected.

DMI’s people are treated fairly, empowered to make decisions, trusted for their integrity, and compensated above market.

Personnel are loyal to DMI as can be exemplified by the long term retention of these people and their work on both long term and multiple short term projects exclusively for DMI.


Project Managers:

DMI’s Project Managers have each established themselves within the industry for consistently achieving highest performance. This is verified by independent benchmarking results – check the link that goes to our performance charts. A client once stated “other companies say they do drilling project management, but you guys actually do it right!”

What makes a DMI Project Manager any different that the other guys out there? It is very simple, we are focused on the details that provide the highest level of safety and performance – we pay attention to the important things rather than what is perceived to be urgent things. Each Project Manager comes from a background of working on the rigs, and knows what is really important to get the job done right.


Mike Frederick


Mike Frederick has been with DMI since the beginning of the company in 1999. Mike managed various projects for Forest Oil, followed by taking the role of Project Manager for Murphy Malaysia. Recently Mike was the Drilling Project Manager for GFI Thailand for the Bualuang Development.  Mike began his career in 1979 with Tenneco E&P USA as an engineer and rig supervisor. In 1990 Mike began working for Huffco Indonesia followed by stints with Conoco in Africa and Maxus in Indonesia and Bolivia as a Drilling Superintendent and Drilling Manager

Download Mike Frederick's CV here

Randy Scott


Randall Scott has been with DMI since 2002 working in various project management and operations management functions, primarily for Apache and Roc Oil. Randall has performed management, engineering, and supervisor roles for drilling, completion, and workovers during a 30+ year career.

Download Randall Scott's CV here

Robert Hill


Robert Hill joined DMI in 2006 as the Drilling Project Manager for the Zhao Dong and C4 development program in China. Bob worked 20+ years in drilling and completions for Shell prior to joining DMI. Bob took over the management of the Zhao Dong development and lead the way in achieving the highest standards of drilling and completion performance for operators working offshore in China.

Download Robert Hill's CV here

Paul Colyer


Paul Colyer has worked for DMI exclusively since 2000, primarily on the multiple exploration projects managed by DMI in several different areas. Paul was a Drilling Manager for Occidental by his mid-20’s, and continued with Oxy as their exploration single string Drilling Manager for several years. He was the Operations Manager of the mega-project Malampaya Field development prior to joining DMI.

Download Paul G. Colyer's CV here

Drilling Superintendents:

The Drilling Superintendents for DMI are a cut above what most people recognize for this position. The Superintendents for DMI have strong project management skills that allow them to perform most of the responsibility of a Project Manager. They participate heavily in the planning effort and setting up the operation. In addition, due to their experience both with larger operators and with DMI project teams, they are well versed in managing day to day operations. Depending on the project, DMI utilizes Superintendents to manage much of the project for performance, safety, and efficiency, allowing more time for the Project Manager to be focused on higher level management issues. Generally speaking, the DMI managed projects with the highest level of operational performance have utilized the Drilling Superintendents.


Pat Brown


Pat Brown joined DMI in 2002 to work on the first phase of the Apache China project as a Drilling Superintendent. He is credited with many solutions to using a Chinese rig and obtaining high efficiency. Pat moved on to the high performance Murphy Malaysia projects from 2004 through 2006. Pat has also worked in the role as a Project Manager on a relief basis. Pat has worked on the Apache Australia program since 2008 in the role of a lead drilling supervisor.

Download Pat Brown's CV here

Photo David Kirkwood


David Kirkwood managed the complete refurbishment of the existing platform rig on the Zhao Dong platform and assisted in the construction project for the new submersible rig. These projects required extensive interaction with Drilling, Facility, Construction, and other groups. (Please see the report under the Projects section for more details). David continued in the role of Drilling Operations Manager after completion of the rig construction and modification projects.

Download David Kirkwood's CV here

Photo Andrew Mellor


Andrew Mellor started with DMI to coordinate the engineering and planning for a second drilling platform on the Roc Oil Bohai project in 2007. Andy continued as the Drilling Superintendent since 2008 and has lead the drilling team to achieving the highest standard of performance for all operators working offshore in China.

Download Andrew Mellor's CV here


Drilling Supervisors:

These people are the real difference between DMI and our competitors – they are the key to driving the performance of DMI managed projects. The Supervisors contribute to the planning and are extraordinary at finding a better solution than most engineers can think of. DMI has recruited a select group of professionals over the years, and each one is dedicated to achieving levels of safety and performance that are far higher than industry standards.


Ivan Parkhurst


Ivan Parkhurst has worked exclusively for DMI since the beginning of the company, including 5 years on the record setting Apache China project. Ivan was the key member of the team to establish most all of the drilling records in China, including the world record for drilling with casing. Ivan also is part of the Apache Australia team in the role of a lead drilling supervisor.

Download Ivan Parkhurst's CV here

Ng Kow Lim


Ng Kow Lim has been with DMI since 2002 and worked on all projects managed by DMI in Malaysia, South Africa, and Myanmar. Ng is currently part of the Murphy Sabah deep water development team on the Ocean Rover. He is fluent is several Chinese languages, Malay, and English. Ng is considered to be one of the strongest supervisors on the Murphy Malaysia team and sets the example for leadership.

Download Ng Kow Lim's CV here

Gary Huff


Gary Huff has been with DMI since 2004 after a successful career with drilling contractors as an OIM and rig manager. Gary was a key member of the DMI managed high performance drilling teams in Malaysia and Thailand. Gary has worked on the Apache Australia floater drilling and subsea completion operations since 2007.

Download Gary Huff's CV here

Photo Colin Anderson


Colin Anderson has been with DMI since 2005 and was quickly recognized for his close attention to detail and safety management principles. Colin worked on the Apache China / Roc Oil project from 2006 through early 2009 and was a key member to maintaining high performance with an excellent safety record. Colin has continued to work on other DMI projects in a similar role as Drilling Superintendent on the rig.

Download Colin Anderson's CV here


Ray Lepard


Ray Lepard has been with DMI since 2005 on the Apache China / Roc Oil Bohai project. Ray initially worked as a night supervisor and was promoted to work as a Lead Drilling Supervisor in 2008. Ray recently completed his Petroleum Engineering degree during time off. Ray has the longest tenure of the Roc Oil Bohai drilling team and willingly transfers his knowledge to all members of the Roc Oil Bohai team.

Download Ray Lepard's CV here

Photo Terry Hoover


Terry Hoover joined DMI in 2007 as a drilling supervisor for the Apache Australia project. Terry had worked in various supervisory roles for drilling contractors for over 20 years prior to joining DMI. He was a key member of Apache’s Van Gogh development with the installation of 22 multi-lateral subsea wells.

Download Terry Hoover's CV here

Photo Paul Campbell


Paul Campbell joined DMI in 2007 after many years working primarily for drilling contractors. DMI had worked with Paul when he was the drilling superintendent for a jackup rig that achieved the highest level of performance in both Thailand (for another operator) and Malaysia (on a DMI managed project). Since joining DMI, Paul has worked as both a Night Drilling Supervisor and Lead Rig Toolpusher on this project. Paul has a unique ability to teach and train a lot of new drilling personnel to perform their work safely and efficiently.

Download Paul Campbell's CV here

Photo Brendon Jones


Brendon Jones joined DMI in early 2008 as a Lead Drilling Supervisor for Apache Australia jackup drilling operations. Brendon is a degreed engineer and brings a unique perspective in his role as a Drilling Supervisor. This unique perspective was critical to step change improvements in jackup drilling operations that resulted in consistently achieving >10% reduction in time and cost.

Download Brendon Jones's CV here

Photo David McNaught


David McNaught joined DMI is early 2008 as a Drilling Supervisor working in China on the Roc Oil Bohai project. Since joining the project team, David has been a key contributor to achieving the highest ever performance in drilling operations during the 2009 campaign for Roc Oil Bohai.

Download David McNaught's CV here

Photo James Robertson


James Robertson joined DMI in 2009 for the Roc Oil Bohai project. James brought some new ideas and knowledge that helped the team achieve the highest standard of performance during the 2009 campaign. James had worked for numerous contractors and operators in Australia and Asia prior to joining the DMI team.

Download James Robertson's CV here



Photo Stuart Duncan


Stuart Duncan had worked on the Roc Oil Bohai project as a consulting rig toolpusher. Stuart joined DMI in 2008 as a Night Drilling Supervisor and has become another of the key members of the team noted for high standards of drilling and completion performance.

Download Stuart Duncan's CV here

Photo Darrel Gerlach


Darrell Gerlach joined DMI in 2010 as a drill site manager for Apache Australia. Darrell has worked extensively in the Asia Pacific region, spending much of the last 10 years in the high performance drilling environment of the Gulf of Thailand.

Download Darrell Gerlach's CV here


Drilling Engineers:

The Drilling Engineers recruited by DMI must work closely with the superintendent and rig personnel – they essentially become a key part of the team.  The Drilling Engineers also have good completion, work over, and intervention experience.  The engineers are to facilitate and assist, not to command and control.  This is considered a unique difference in the engineers working on DMI projects, and is the philosophy of how the team works together.

Ivan Awuy


Ivan Awuy joined DMI in 2002 as a Drilling Engineer and has worked primarily on the Murphy Malaysia project. Ivan is considered the lead engineer among a staff of engineers employed directly by Murphy. He works directly with the rig supervisors. Ivan is also considered a key strength in the achievements of the Murphy Malaysia drilling team.

Download Ivan Awuy's CV here

Jason Pinto


Jason Pinto began working for DMI on the Apache China / Roc Oil Bohai project in 2005, with a focus on implementation of new technology to improve drilling and completion performance. Jason also was heavily involved in daily operations. Jason was transitioned off the project in 2009 and began serving as Project Manager for SPC on an exploration program in South China.

Download Jason Pinto's CV here

Chandra Maulana


Chandra Maulana started with DMI in 2007 as a Project Drilling Engineer on the GFI Bualuang Development in Thailand. Chandra has continued to work on various other DMI projects as a lead project drilling engineer. Chandra is well versed in completion engineering and contracts/regulations in Indonesia and works directly with the rig supervisors on a daily basis during the operation.

Download Chandra Maulana's CV here

Drilling Fluids Specialists:

DMI believes the drilling fluids management is a key to successful drilling and completion operations. In every project, we strive to take over the management of fluids. This is another unique approach as the fluids supervisors are driven to improve performance both relative to the overall program and specifically to the fluids and systems. In general, the fluids supervisors look after all fluid systems, materials and inventory management, solids control, filtration, and cuttings management.


Mark Blain


Mark Blain has been with DMI since 2005, and has served in roles as a Fluids Specialist and Night Drilling Supervisor. Mark is another key member of the Roc Oil Bohai team with the second longest tenure, and vast knowledge of how to achieve and maintain a high standard of performance for such a long time.

Download Mark Blain's CV here

Jack Forster


Jack Forster joined DMI in 2000 and has worked all of the major DMI managed projects for Forest in South Africa, Apache China, Murphy Malaysia, and the Bualuang Development for GFI. Jack was instrumental in the success of the gravel packing operation for the Bualuang development in the Gulf of Thailand and has been a key to the high performance of DMI managed projects.

Download Jack Forster's CV here

Norman Greenwood


Norman Greenwood worked exclusively for DMI from 2004 to 2008, and on an ad hoc basis since, but is still considered a highly valued member of the DMI family. Norm started as a Drilling Fluids Supervisor and is credited with the simple water base mud formulation and techniques that are utilized today on the Bohai Bay drilling operation. This KCl-polymer system combined with an excellent solids control system has allowed fast paced drilling, adequate hole cleaning, and ability to improve the operation. Since 2007, Norm has worked as a drilling supervisor for DMI and for other operators.

Download Norman Greenwood's CV here


Photo Larry Ball


Larry Ball joined DMI in 2006 after working many years in Asia as a drilling fluids specialist. Larry participated in the major change out of the fluid systems on the Chinese drilling operation. Larry has experience with many fluid systems and is recognized for his significant contributions to the Roc Bohai project

Download Larry Ball's CV here

Photo Sandy Chiew


Sandy Chiew joined the DMI team in 2010 after working for several years as a mud engineer on the Bohai project for Roc Oil. The DMI team recognized Sandy for his outstanding contribution and requested he be added to the DMI team.

Download Sandy Choew's CV here


Completion and Testing Specialists:

DMI can also provide a specialist for completion and testing.


Mike Kynoch


Mike Kynoch is a completion specialist and superintendent, having worked on many of the DMI managed projects. Mike’s recent contributions to the Roc Oil Bohai project resulted in significant improvement in completion reliability and reduced nonproductive time. Mike spent many years in many different jobs with Baker Oil Tools. Mike is unique in his ability to work as an engineer, manage the completion services, dress and repair tools, and supervise operations on the rig.

Download Mike Kynoch's CV here

Photo Alistair Gauld


Alistair Gauld provides completion and workover engineering support for the Roc Oil Bohai program. Ali was instrumental in the design and installation of a new uphole completion for the Roc Oil project that both saved time and cost as well as greatly improved safety with reduced risk of environmental incidents.


Photo Kevin Murray


Kevin Murray recently joined DMI as a Completion Superintendent for the Roc Oil Bohai project. Kevin has vast experience in completions and workovers. Kevin has worked for various operators in China and Australia, and had performed short term consultancy to DMI managed projects before joining DMI on a full time basis.

Download Kevin Murray's CV here



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