Clients value performance - DMI delivers

DMI services a variety of clients whose needs vary from on-shore to off, development or exploration, small to large, complex or straightforward. Once a relationship is established it usually becomes a long lasting one.

For the Clients, it is all about performance…and the numbers speak for them selves.

Rushmore Reviews, provides the ‘industry standard’ for benchmarking of drilling and completions performance worldwide. With over one hundred and fifty operating companies in seventy countries participating, the Reviews are important indicators of relative performance.

DMI has performed very well on more than a few occasions by this international measure.

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Recognition from PetroChina

PetroChina Award

Recognition from PetroChina as the best drilling and completion performance in their operations in 2006


Letter of appreciation from PetroChina in 2009:

... The presentation of "Drilling Techniques Applications in Zhao Dong Project" made by Mr. Robert Hill from Roc [DMI] received ovation and was highly praised by the forum attendees. His report has produced agrassive influence on strengthening technical exchange between PetroChina and its foreign partners, facilitating popularization and application of new techniques and deepening the friendly cooperation...

Read the whole translation of the letter here


DMI performance compared to its competitors
(BMG Drilling Time Comparison)

BMG Drilling Time Comparison(click on picture to enlarge)




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