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Welcome to Drilling Management International!

As a potential client of Drilling Management International, we welcome you to explore our website.

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Do you need a drilling project manager?

Photo CrewIf you need a group that...

  • brings a ready made team
  • people that are used to working together
  • focused on the clients objectives
  • devoted to exceeding standards of safety and performance
  • with long time experience around the world, especially in Asia Pacific

...then we want to be your team!


How is DMI different from other project managers?

Drilling Management International Inc. is unique in several ways:

  • consistently delivers best in class performance
  • utilizes a small focused team that is used to working together
  • specializes in operations throughout Asia

DMI has achieved an excellent record of safety combined with the some of the most efficient drilling performances in Asia by implementing high standards while working with the culture of the client and host country. DMI strives to achieve these objectives by utilizing our existing team consisting of qualified professionals that are not satisfied with the status quo benchmark results, but are striving to set the benchmark for the area.


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Our mission!

Our mission is to provide our clients with the right people with the right know how and the right attitude to achieve benchmarking results. We do this by combining Project Managers focused on the important aspects of safety and performance with the support of engineers, technicians, and supervisors, all of the highest caliber. We do not try to be the best individual, but we do work hard to be the best team with an attitude of working together and helping each other!


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